Mark Swordstalker is a Brigade Soldier Who Has Served The Brigade For A LOOOOONNNGGGG time. I also served the old pirate justice, it was a guild made to keep order so us pirates wouldn't kill themselves but we broke up and never saw each other again...................I am also a wizard 101 player and I know a lot of magic.

Marck Swordstalker

Full Name:

Marck Swordstalker



Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Found Alive




Old Pirate Justice

Law's Brigade

Magic Academy

The Wizard Club

Egyptian Academy

Brigade Co.


Daniel (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Jon Swordstalker (Twin Brother)

Marck Macgun (Uncle)

Clara Hypegun (Aunt)

Notoriety Level: 36

Guild Rank: Officer

Guild Rank2: Captain

Guild rank3: General

sword lv: 25

gun lv: 25

sailing lv: 24

fishing lv... MAXED

favorite weapons: sabres, cutlass, bayonets and, reapeters guns.

Wizard 101 spells that i can remember: Frost beetle, Dark sprite, Ghoul, Snow serpent, Evil snow man, Ice wyevern, Lightning serpent, Fire cat, Fire elf, Fire bird, Blood bat, Tower shield, Snow shower, Storm shark, Storm bats, Freeze, imp, Super ice shard, Frostbite and, plus the ones i forgot and treasure cards.

keys:outpost island key [heavely guarded by friends] so any EITC who sees the wiki DON'T even try, brigade island key [ only marck knows where it is ]

Ships:fortune thunder/light sloop, sea conqueror/war galleon.

Home: Millie's cottege/tortuga/abassa.

Favorite places to be: Tortuga, Port Royal, Kingshead, Padres and, Ravens Cove, Umbara.

Favorite servers: abassa, andaba and, Guinness, CWA server.

Own quest: nothing right now and probably nevar...

Wizard 101 major quests: Nothing anymore.

Cursed weapon: Bitter end.

Family:LT. Commander daniel-father[both on game and reality]he is a navy LT. Commander- alive, mother- died when i was born and i never knew her name[in game], brother- Jon swordstalker is my twin bro [on game, friends on reality] he is a navy kingfisher captain, ship is a war sloop [ship's name is king fisher]-unknow i think alive, as u see my family comes from the navy except my mother she was a pirate but she was killed protecting me from a EITC invasion and my father was the one who led them..., marck Macgun-uncle navy private- unknown, Clara hypegun-aunt- random pirate out there- alive [she is a assassin target on game. assassin dead].

Ranked:Fifth on this wiki.

Languages know:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English
  • A bit of Spanish

Games:CWA lost account.; POTCO, gone .

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Marck Swordstalker