Anti-Anger Potion

The Anti-Anger Potion is a Potion Invented by Lord Law and is made and sold by Brigade Co.. This Potion Prevent's any Anger from a Sith. It is given away for free to brigadier's.

Glowing potion

Anti-Anger Potion

List Of Thing's That It Prevent's

The Following Thing's Are Thing's That The Anti-Anger Potion Prevent's:

  • Force Pushes
  • Force Choking
  • Force Lightning
  • Black Force Lightning
  • Black Magic
  • Hurting Friend's Or Family.


  • some people have noticed extreme itching after drinking the potion.
  • It has been reporte that some people had fuzz in their ears the very next day.


  • The Anti-Anger Potion only work's on Sith
  • The Anti-Anger Potion is a beta potion that can only be handed out by lord law himself.